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The role of the intake pipe Intake manifolds for automotive power systems have always been made of metal. Due to the complex shape of the manifold, it was previously cast with aluminum alloy, but the inner wall is rough, the resistance to air during use is large, and the noise is large, resulting in insufficient combustion and excessive exhaust emissions. Since the 1980s, Europe began to use the lost core manufacturing method (CoreMelt). The manifold made in this way is not only expensive, but also has a certain rejection rate, because the material of the manifold is PA66 (or PA6) after glass fiber reinforcement. , the processing temperature is 250 to 260 ° C, although the contact time with the core in the mold is only a few minutes, but part of the core is inevitably melted, making it difficult to control the size of the inner wall of the manifold. In recent years, due to the development of vibration welding technology, the welding technology of large-sized glass fiber reinforced PA66 is becoming more and more mature. For this reason, the manifold can be injection molded into two pieces of manifold parts, which are integrated by vibration welding. Most of the world's car manufacturers currently use this method to produce manifolds, plasticizing metal manifolds.

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1. can produce Silicone and EPDM Hoses according to OEM number, Samples or Drawings. 2. Small Quantity is acceptable. 3. Samples can be provided for quality confirmation. 4. Certificates can be provided if you need. 5. Printing according to your request 6. Custom-built Hoses are highly welcome.

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